Puglia, The Region

A landscape that is dripping with history from Roman times onwards

Particularly thanks to its endless beaches, Mediterranean climate and exquisite cuisine. Villa Silvana in its prime position, literally in the centre of all the interesting tourist attractions, provides so much to enjoy of Puglia, which has a landscape that is dripping with History from Roman times onwards which is evident in its extraordinary array of architecture. The Normans endowed Puglia with splendidly ornate cathedrals and the baroque exuberance of some towns are testament to the Spanish legacy. But if there is one symbol of Puglia that stands out it's the imposing castles and mystical Trulli that are built all over the province.

Here the tourist industry still remains wonderfully primitive, which is amazing considering how much this region has to offer.

Puglia is the land of the grape. It is the source of 80% of Europe's pasta and most of Italy fish. It produces more wine than Germany and more olive oil than all of the other regions of Italy combined. Apulia has forests of twisted pines, ancient olives and huge old carob trees, acres of vineyards, losing ground to cherry and peach orchards. Junipers, sage and rosemary grow near the sea and because of its Mediterranean position plenty of tropical plants grow happily next to fields of grains and vegetables.