Our Story...

Who we are, and the benefits of Villa Silvana

My name is Michael I am an artisan from Southern Ireland. I am a plasterer and carpenter by trade but I like to work with all materials. My wife Susanna is a Make-up Artist in the British and American film industry and we have been living in Puglia now for over 10 years and we have a beautiful daughter called Isabella.

We have always been great fans of Italy travelling here for work and pleasure over the years, but many reasons led us to Puglia. Originally we were drawn to the Heel of the Boot, because of the lure of adventure and to explore its undiscovered secrets, but then Susan worked on a Movie with the famous Italian Director and actor Roberto Benigni and all her colleagues after the jobs was finished, advised her to visit Apulia, as it is the favourite destination for Italian tourists.

It’s so hard to explain why we feel so passionate about Southern Italy; maybe it is the fact that Puglia feels like the rest of Italy did 50 years ago or somewhere you can escape the stress of life or its probably Puglia’s seductive wildness, clear blue sea and unspoilt coastline. We were desperate for this after leaving behind the grey miserable skies of London and being overworked in my mundane job as site manger for a huge London company.

Susanna still works as a Make-up Artist but mainly stays at home with our little girl and paints and exhibits her artwork and I have set up a small company with local Italian friends and artisans. We are enjoying one of the best lifestyles and quality of life that there is. The foundation of our local society is the family and community. It's very obvious to us that our Italian friends put a lot of importance in Family and we're very privileged to be included. Friends are never slow to break into song or dance when the mood strikes them. For sheer vitality and passion for life, Italians have few equals and it’s never plain or boring, its enthralling, intriguing and wonderful.

Why Villa Silvana? Mainly because it has been lovingly restored by us. This is not just a business, this is not just a holiday home, and this has been our passion and our romance with this stunning country and beautiful region of Puglia. We now wish to share this with you and we have tried very hard to meeting the high standards of quality and we really want to guarantee you a great holiday.

The residence has breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and valley and Villa Silvana truly has a prime position , literally in the centre of all the interesting tourist attractions which provides so much to enjoy , where art lovers can discover original art work both in the Villa and around the neighbouring towns and villages, gourmets can taste fresh puglian food bought to their tables by the local chef or in the surrounding baroque and antique centre’s and sip excellent fresh home made wine on their private verandas looking out to sea or taste other delicious Puglia wines in the local “enoteca’s”. Sportsmen can enjoy activities such as cycling in the hills, fishing and golf and all can relax in our beautiful Villa.

Also an important note is that we have incomparable local knowledge and we can help you with everything you need, where you'd like to visit, and what you'd like to do, through living here for ten years we have cultivated a large and growing network to provide you with the real Puglia experience that the casual tourist simply won't find.