Private Chef & Staff

A meal fit for a king, a perfect way to spend an evening.

Why not treat yourself to a little Luxury and Enjoy a wonderful meal. No mess, no fuss, no work for you. Everything is taken care of.

Vacations are about relaxing and having fun, not cooking. Whenever you would like to, you can order dinner or lunch, so you don't waste precious time standing in grocery store line-ups, cooking and preparing meals.

Let Villa Silvana’s private chef take care of the culinary details and delight your palate at every meal, if you wish, while you relax and enjoy your vacation.

The quality of the food and the preparation and presentation is excellent. Our Chef provides a wonderful variety of Puglian cuisine, which is always fresh, local and organic.

Puglian food is wonderfully simple, so it can be enjoyed by the children and there is gourmet dishes for the adults as well. Even the timing of the prepared meal is specifically ordered for whenever you prefer, simply order with us the night before and enjoy a Puglian feast for all the fmaily the full evening

From €35 a head the five course meal consists of...


For smaller meal choices, you may select, one course and a dessert for 20 per head

Please feel free to mix and match, to create a complete menu for your group

MENU 1, (Seafood) €40
Appetizer: salmon in pink sauce, mussels au gratin, octopus salad.
First Course: cavatelli pasta with seafood.
Second Course: baked fish with olives + salad or crispy oven potatoes
Dessert: tiramisu.

MENU 2, (Traditional) €30
Appetizer: grilled Local vegetables, Puglian meatballs, grilled homemade bread with cheese.
First: orecchiette Pasta with homemade tomato base with ricotta cheese.
Second: Organic oven roasted chicken with roasted potatoes + salad
Dessert: panna cotta forest berries or chocolate.

MENU 3, (Mix) 35
Appetizer: grilled Local vegetables, Puglian meatballs, grilled homemade bread with cheese.
First: artichoke with ravioli pasta
Second: Pan fried pork with mushrooms or peas+ salad or baked potatoes.
Dessert: Sponge cake with cream.

MENU 4, (Popular) €30
Appetizer: Battered vegetables + mixed cheese platter
First: Linguine Pasta with pesto
Second, sausages with fresh tomatoes and basil + salad or oven crisp potatoes.
Dessert: Puglian almond pastries

MENU 5, €35
Appetizer: bruschetta of various kinds, grilled vegetables.
First: risotto with homegrown porcini mushrooms
Second; Battered mixed fresh local fish, salad.
Dessert: hot apple pie with ice cream.

MENU 6, (Puglian) €30
Appetizer: baked vegetables,stuffed pastry with ground beef and pasta with ham and cheese.
First: lasagna baked with ham and mozzarella, southern style
Second, Delicate local meat stew with olives + salad or baked potatoes.
Dessert: fruit tart.